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Konstandin is a story-driven pixel game, made using the Rpgmaker VX Ace engine. It falls under multiple genres, such as: Psychological Horror, Drama and Mystery.  Weren't you at times curious about those creepy tales our grannies used to know...about heart devouring monsters, three headed dragons and earthly beauties being cemented alive into walls?... No?  What about stories of people talking to animals or the dead coming back to life? You might've heard of those, for sure. Blessings, curses, good and evil. We see it everywhere. But it's always the way how the events unfold that leaves people thinking in the end.  The idea for Konstandin came as a result of our desire to show the world something inspired from our rich Albanian folklore, combined with a modern setting.

And for us there is no better way, than turning our story into an engaging role playing game!

A year has passed since the 26 year old Rinor Avdiu married his university crush Aulona. Due to her circumstances, the couple had to move to the only place that could improve Aulona's condition, a village named Buroja. It's a pretty desolate place, but as long as the two of them are together, all is well.

Lulled into a sense of peace through their daily routine, the couple enjoys a relatively normal marital life. At times Rinor forgets to wash the dishes or buys the wrong groceries, but all is well.

A nice day, a normal day, everyday...
That is until two girls are reported missing and the couple slowly realizes that Buroja holds an old eerie legend in which they're partaking. The legend of a cursed knight, called Konstandin. 

The story revolves around Rinor who tries to find the meaning behind it, while he faces horrific mental and physical challenges.

  • A story worth unraveling  
  • Full voice acting 
  • Original soundtracks and songs 
  • Various puzzles, riddles and fancy poems 
  • Beautiful character art 
  • Animated cutscenes
  • Custom made sprites and pixel animations 
  • Plenty of CG’s
  • Unique blessing system 
  • 6+ hours of gameplay 
  • 4 playable characters 
  • 100+ Parallax maps 
  • Choices you’ll most likely regret making 
  • Numerous different ways to die 
  • Multiple endings 
  • Gross, detailed descriptions 
  • Awkward first meetings 
  • Lame jokes

Install instructions

Hello there potential player!
Thank you for downloading the demo of Konstandin.

After your download has finished, just click the setup and go through the steps it will mention, in order to install the demo.
Enjoy! :)




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I never like to try on a demo game before but this game is so fascinated that i have to play and i LOVE it!!! Every single minute i played the game i love it!!! I hope the complete game will be out soon! Please continuous to the good work! Thank you!

will this game be ever published btw? The demo is really cool and I like the game

can i have a download link since the itch app won't install it

Thumbs up. Reminds me of PC-98 games :)

I don't know why the last post for your game is over 170 days. You can  tell a lot of work went into making this. I enjoyed the part I played and, can't wait to dig in more to it!

I immediately get a "download error" when I try to install this through the itch client.

The visuals look really good. Is this ever gonna be available for mac?

I played the demo years ago, and I was happy to find randomly the dev page on itch, I hope to see the full work soon

Very nice game! I can't wait for the full release!

Thank you so much for giving our demo a try! Your feedback means a lot! :)

Really nice game so far. The art is fantastic, and i never expected it to be fully voice acted. If it brings the horror as well, it will be the perfect RPG game.

Thank you very much for playing our demo and for your feedback, it really means a lot to us! :)

How long you create this game? so dedicate~ ^^

We are working on it since 3 years, it's been a long journey but we now need help to get it finished, that's why we made a kickstarter. Sadly it's not going very well :/

I know your feel :(

Maybe you need posting on RPG maker forum too for help your campaign~ ^^

Making an LP/Review/Critique of the game's demo here, hope everyone enjoys

Thank you very much for trying out our demo, your critique is very welcome! We hope that you'll play the full version too once it's released.

Hope the critique helps with the development rather than just show me as a grumpy, nitpicky old person. Lmao.

We definitely appreciate your grumpines. It helps a lot to hear feedback at this stage. Thanks!

Oh! Also, may have to look into the part where Dxtory isn't detecting or playing any Cutscenes or the end-game screen - as it's unfortunately all lost in my recording and just shows a Black screen, other Youtubers in my position who're using the same recording program may run into this issue too. Only way to avoid it is recording desktop, perhaps other recording programs don't have this issue, wouldn't know.

Hey! Thanks for letting us know about this. While recording, could you see the cutscenes yourself? If you see the scenes yourself but can't capture them, then you should probably use something else to record your playthrough.